Sustainability at the heart of your itineraries

We believe in promoting sustainable tourism. With our new feature, you can now add sustainability labels to the various services you book. These labels enable you to make informed choices by highlighting the ecological, social and economic efforts of service providers.

How does it work?

First, add the labels your company supports under the “extra” → “sustainability label” tab. You can add the logo, as well as a link to the label’s website, to give your customers the best possible information.
In your folder, add a service and then choose from a range of labels reflecting the provider’s eco-responsible practices in the right-hand drop-down list under “Sustainability”.

Why is this important?

  • Transparency: Access detailed information on the sustainable commitments of the services you choose.
  • Support for initiatives: Encourage and support service providers who integrate sustainable practices into their business.
  • Positive impact: Help build a community of responsible travelers.

Log in to your Destinationbook account and see for yourself how this new feature can enhance your booking experience while promoting more sustainable tourism.

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