Digital tools

Features designed to save you time, bring you closer to your customers and centralize your content

Itinerary builder

Easily assemble services, texts and media

Drag & Drop Editor

Compose your itineraries using drag-and-drop


Present your itineraries on an interactive map


Copy your PNRs from a GDS and get the decoded version in your itinerary

Royalty-free image library

Illustrate your itineraries with high-definition images


In two words: win time

Share itineraries

Merge your itineraries with those of your partners

Import e-tickets via ViewTrip

Import e-tickets into your folder with a single click

Personalised itineraries

Within a single itineray, assign different services to different travellers


Manage your own destination content in a geolocalized database


Link destinationbook to your reservation system

GIATA Hotel Database

Content on over a million hotels

Communication with travelers and upselling

Inform and assist your customers during their trip

Push notifications

Inform travelers of itinerary changes

Excursion sales

Increase your revenues by selling on-site excursions

Content management (PIM)

Centralize and structure your content

Trip Template

Easily create and reuse programs on a variety of media

Address book with geocoding

Document all your service providers in a database

Image gallery

Store your images in an online gallery

PIM Sync

Synchronize destinationbook with your existing PIM


Your corporate identity comes first!


Feature your brand identity across all channels (app, web, PDF)

Feature multiple brand

Apply multiple corporate identities with a single click

Custom CSS

Made-to-measure content, personalized for your needs

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